A Shrewd White Dove

A book by Temitope Odetunde

A Shrewd White Dove

A book by Temitope Odetunde
It was a nice Sunday evening, and I was listening to a message by Apostle Joshua Selman. At one point he read Matthew 10:16 which reads, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves, therefore be as shrewd as snakes and innocent as a dove.”

He encouraged us to go and study the characteristics of a snake and why Jesus will ask us to be as shrewd as a snake considering the devil is described as the serpent of old who deceived Adam and Eve and took away their destiny.
I am keen to know what is so special about a snake that out of all the beasts of the field, not only the Bible but Jesus himself recommends the characteristics of a beast that instills fear and respect in humans all over the world.

As you read this book, I pray that it will encourage you to leave your life as a shrewd, wise dove.

Soldiers do not go to battle on their own volution, you were enlisted at the expense of a government when you joined the Army. This book describes what is expected of us as a soldier of Christ and the rewards that follow when we go through the process and appropriate training.

She believes that just as there is acceptable behaviour expected of national soldiers because it encourages and promotes unity, strengthens the bond between fellow soldiers and fosters team spirit. This same level of behaviour is expected at all times as soldiers of Christ and applies to all, irrespective of rank. Any behaviour that can jeopardise the reputation of the church and the body of Christ, damage its operation, and its relationship with the saved and unsaved, is not to be permitted.

(To be released 10th June 2022)

The Ambassador

Totally Sold Out

Samuel Dagunduro wrote “This book is a well-researched, concise topical study about what it means to be a soldier for Christ. Especially, in the world that we live in today, where such topics are no longer a feature on the pulpit or discussion points during our bible study sessions. It is simply rare to acquire, however relevant it is to the life of a disciple of Christ”

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